I'm not sure if I mentioned when I wrote the content for the homepage, but I work in a nuclear plant. Specifically, I;m an electrician, but after working various jobs throughtout my career, this opportunity came up and I grabbed it. It's been a pretty good deal for me actually. I make a very good living by working there, and my wages are coupled with an excellent benefits package, and at this stage in my seniority, I get ample time off as well.

Like most people, I get annoyed by my job from time to time. There are mornings where I don't particularly relish the idea of getting up in the morning to drive for an hour and a bit to work, only to work for a boss that I don't always see eye to eye with. (We're both of German descent so we can be quite stubborn, and neither of us wants to let go sometimes... lol) Besides all of that though, I've always had a deep apprecaiation for all of the "good" that has been given to me by the company I work for. I'm extremely lucky to be there, and the competition was pretty stiff to get in. But as always, things went "as they should" and I was eventually hired.
So that's all good, and you might think that I have nothing to bitch about, and I really don't for the most part. Life is treating me well. The problem I have is the view that others take on the my work and specifically, the money and benefits I receive for doing that work.

I worked extremely hard to get where I am. I did an apprenticeship of five years (it actually took me eight years because of various factors) which was an entry requirement. Once hired I was placed into a wage that was part of a multi step pay system. Because of my experience I was placed mid way on the scale, and received about 50% of the top hourly wage in the place. It took four more years for me to reach that top wage.

Working in Nuclear in Ontario makes us workers of the "Broader Public Sector" and as such we are required to publish the names of employees that make $100.000/year or more. This list meant a little more back when it was originally developed (back near the end of the 80's I think) but It really means quite a bit less these days. I'm not saying that $100,000 is not a lot of money or anything, I'm just saying that the list has never been adjusted for inflation or anything.

So with respect to my work, it actually took me nine years to go from a first year Electrician apprentice, to a top paid Control Technician at the plant. Nine years. That's a long freaking time. When I think about it, I could have been a lawyer more quickly, or maybe I could have been on the road to being a doctor or something like that. The point is this, I actively pursued this line of work, and I did what I had to do to make it work for me.

How does that relate to others you may ask? Well it's pretty simple to me. I work with some of the smartest people I have ever met. These people are educated in their craft, usually excellent communicators, and like me have done whatever
it was they needed to to do in order to get hired by the company we all work for. The other side of this of course is the multitude of people that work for this (actually quite large) company. I read editorials and hear people talk about about the "stupid" amount of money that we make, and I wonder to myself, what have these people done to ensure that they're more employable than me or the next guy. Did they go to college? Did they get a trade? Maybe they worked full time and along the way realized that their job was going nowhere so they went to night school, on their own time no less, to give them that extra edge in order that they may also be hired at one of the country's top employers. I really don't have to wonder because I know what they've done. They've done absolutley fuck all to ensure that they're better. They've made zero sacrifice and instead of working hard for themselves and doing what they need to do to make life better for themselves, they bitch and complain about how they're  getting screwed. They won't leave their current work to go to a better job. They won't go back to school or even night school to make themselves better. Instead they just want to mean mouth people that have worked extremely hard to develop skills that enable them to work in this line of work.

Screw those guys! I've worked to hard and have given up to much of my own life to feel sorry for people that won't even  try to make themselves better. Instead they just make excuses. Lame excuses, and they're clearly excuses. I guess if people are in their comfort zone with respect to where they are in life currently, then that's their business. However when I have to start being a target of their aggressions because they think they're being screwed by people like me., then I feel like I need to stand and be counted. You want your life to be better??? Get off your ass and do something about it then. We all
know that nobody is out ther waiting to hand you the perfect life. It's no secret. You have to work for it, just the same way I worked for mine and all that I have (as mentioned elsewhere, I'm not rich). Quit making excuses and go do something about it!

The good news is that it seems (to me anyways) that once you start to take the right steps, things have a funny way of falling into place. It's called increasing your luck. You should give it a try!!

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    October 2013